First Fourteen CD


ISBN: JD-CD-1st14
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This CD contains fourteen of the “grown-up” songs, which Julia and Malcolm wrote and performed in folk clubs and on the radio. Subjects range from the board game Monopoly to the joys of pasta-eating and there is also a song, sung by Malcolm, called “Cochon Blues” which was played as one of Julia's choices when she was on the Radio 4 programme, Desert Island Discs.

This album was recorded when they were in their twenties and has recently been remastered as a CD.  It costs £10.

Song listing:

  1. The Monopoly Song
  2. The Dragon And George
  3. Mongrel
  4. The French Busking Song
  5. My Cat
  6. Folk Alphabet
  7. Mr And Mrs Grubb
  8. Snails
  9. Cochon Blues
  10. Tattooist
  11. Double Trouble
  12. Pages Of A Diary
  13. Spaghetti Son
  14. Come to Bed