The Rollercoaster Boy



A really satisfying mystery with lovable, relatable characters.

Todd and Laurie's dad is either on top of the world, taking them on fun adventures, or down in the depths and sleeping all the time. In the middle of the night, he bundles them into the car and drives them to the Paradise Hotel.

He paints a picture of a luxurious mansion by the sea, but the reality is a rundown dump and the disappointment means Dad takes to his bed. Todd and Laurie have the run of the place, and meet Scout, the daughter of the owner, who tells them about the night many years ago when a famous novelist vanished from her room on the top floor, which was locked from the inside...  Todd, Laurie and Scout team up with Patrick, an escape-room enthusiast, to crack the clues and solve the mystery ..and maybe they'll save the hotel from closure while they are about it!